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If you are just starting to build that gorgeous glow and want a few more options - our array of super sunbeds are a perfect choice.  You have your choice of our Sundazzler standup unit, our 15 minute facial sunbed or our basic super sunbed.  We even offer a long bed for you tall tanners.

Maximum Time:  11 - 20 Minutes

Facial Super, Non- Facial and Standup


regular(base builder)

If you want value - value is what you'll get with our Regular sunbeds. If you are just starting out and are a light skin type 2, this is the place to start.  Remember to start with low minutes and build your way to a smart, beautiful tan.

Maximum: 10-20 Minutes

MEGA(Darker and most popular)

Our ever popular Mega beds are available in a 15 Minute with 3 facial lamp design or a 20 Minute "deep dish" design".  The choice is yours.  Our Mega sunbeds are guaranteed to give that mid to upper level tanner just that perfect color every time.

Maximum Time: 15 or 20 Minutes

Facial and Deep Dish

ULTRABRONZ (Darkest, Relaxing)

The Ultrabronz Sunbed is our highest level and most popular sunbed.  It utilizes specialized technology that block UVB light and allows only UVA.  UVA tans to the second and third layer of the skin and without burning.  Our skin is constantly is renewing and sheds. As the top layers of skin sheds away, a fresh preserved tan remains underneath allowing the skin to stay tan longer.  It is important to establish your base by tanning in the Ultrabronz 3-5 times in a period of 2-weeks, then only once or twice per month to maintain a tan all-year round.

Maximum Time: 30 Minutes

ultramega (darkest, fastest, hottest)

The UltraMega is our highest output UVB sunbed.  This sunbed is for the more experience tanner that has establish a solid base tan that is looking for even deeper color.  The UltraMega features 44 high output lamps, 2 shoulder lamps, and 4 facials lamps all on a contured acrylic giving you maximum coverage.

Maximum Time:  12 Minutes      


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