What do you do when your girlfriend is wearing the most expensive under the skin skin skin tone on the market?

Posted August 02, 2018 08:07:54This month's Under the Skin skin tone features an exotic animal, a rare skin tone, and a sexy-yet-not-so-sexy-looking girl.The skin tone is available exclusively to subscribers on the MTV UK website.This month, the brand is offering two skins: the Olive Skin Tone (scented with peppermint) and the U.K. Olive Skin (slightly spicy, but not too spicy).The

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Why are you always so quick to label your own skin tone?

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that they have a light skin.They say they're light skinned because they're tan or because they have pigmentation.However, light skin is not the same as light pigmentation, says Dr. Daniel Fenton, a dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologist in Dallas."When you think of pigmentation you think it's just pigments that are not as pigmented

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