When will Sammy Sosa skins us?

We all have our favourite Sammy skins and when will they be released?We know Sammy is a fan favourite and he's got the Sammy Skin Pack, but when will the Sammys be released on Nexus 7?Sammys are only available on the Nexus 7 in the US, so that's the only place you'll get them.What about the rest of the world?We'll

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Why are dogs suffering from skin infection?

Why are the dogs suffering skin infections?Sammy Sosa's new skin, named 'Sammy' will have you scratching your head.The popular rapper, who is currently in rehab after battling skin cancer, has revealed his skin condition has become a "ticking time bomb" for the dog.The 33-year-old rapper's mother was diagnosed with skin cancer and her son is battling the same issue, according

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