An American couple who live in India have come up with a healthy alternative to traditional Indian sweets that is low in sugar, carbs and fat.

The couple, who are both in their 50s, decided to try the crepe pie because it is so easy to make and the recipe is very similar to the Indian one.

The couple had been trying to find a healthier alternative to the crepes for years.

But the best part of all, they said, is that it tastes good.

“The two had tried to find other ways to make the crepée, such as with egg whites or even butter.

After a few months of experimentation, they finally settled on a crepe pastry.

It is also easier to make than the traditional Indian crepe.

As well, the pastry has been designed to have a thinner crust so that the dough doesn’t stick to the surface of the pan.

When they were making the crepas, they used only fresh ingredients. “

It’s delicious and very filling, and we’re looking forward to eating it again and again,” said Prashant.

When they were making the crepas, they used only fresh ingredients.

They also reduced the fat and sugar to make it healthier.

Since they had been using frozen crepes, they had to replace the frozen custard with a cream.

They said it is easier to use.

While the couple have been trying out the crepie, they have also tried out a traditional Indian dessert.

 They made a few different versions and have since become very fond of the recipe.

This is one of the new crepes that they are trying out.

When you are making the recipe, make sure to check the ingredients on the back of the package.

Don’t worry, it is very easy to follow.

I promise!

This crepe recipe is easy to find in Indian markets and restaurants.

There are some other popular Indian desserts you can try, such the curried chicken.

This is a good option if you are on a budget.

Watch a video of this recipe here: This is one that I made with the cream, not the egg whites, which is a big plus for me.

There are many more vegan options that are easy to get, including the savory vegan chicken curry and the vegetarian chicken curry.

I hope this helps you to find something to satisfy your craving for a healthier version of Indian desserts.

Here are some of the other popular vegan recipes you can use to make a healthy version of the Indian dessert: Vegan Indian Sides: Bhut Jolokia – The Bollywood classic is vegan, so you can make this vegan chicken dish in a slow cooker.

Vegan Paneer – Make this vegan paneer in the slow cooker and serve it with rice and rice noodles.

Slow Cooker Vegan Chicken Curry – This is delicious on a hot day.

It has no added butter, but you can substitute it with olive oil or a few teaspoons of coconut oil.

Paneer is a vegetarian dish, so if you can’t eat meat, this is a great choice.

Easy Vegan Chickpea Curry – Serve this vegan chickpea curry with rice or a salad.

Mango Curry – You can add some mango curry to this vegan curry.

Lunch Vegan Cheesy Chicken – This recipe has been made with coconut milk, which means that you can add more coconut milk if you want.

Chicken Tikka Masala – Add a little bit of curry powder to this vegetarian dish and serve this with rice.

Curry and Rice Noodles – Serve the traditional and healthy curry and rice noodle dishes with rice, and you can eat with it too.

Sriracha Chicken with Curry – Use the sauce from the curry recipe to make this spicy chicken.

Bhutanese Vegetarian Soup – Serve your vegetarian soup with rice in a large pot with plenty of water and salt.

Sweet Vegan Curry – Enjoy a healthier vegan curry with sweet potato chips, cashews, and spices.

A vegetarian vegetarian version of this vegan Indian dish is available on

Check out more of the best Indian desserts on our Vegan Indian dessert guide.

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