Travis Scott’s skin is still going strong, but as the former child actor’s skin cancers continue to recurs, fans of the former R&B singer are still left wondering what to do with their money. 

In the wake of the singer’s diagnosis, the singer has started accepting donations to help with his medical bills. 

The money is being given out via GoFundMe, and is being used for skin cancer treatment, as well as the cost of a wig, make-up and travel to the treatment center in Dallas. 

Sosa recently posted on Instagram, saying that he is taking time to focus on getting his skin back to normal. 

“I am really excited and looking forward to my skin to return to normal and healthy, which is where I have always wanted it to be,” he wrote. 

But with Scott facing such serious complications from the disease, it’s been tough for fans to decide what to give, and even worse, what to donate. 

Some fans have taken to Twitter to post their thoughts on the situation.

One of the most popular comments on the post, written by @travisscott, reads, “Thanks to @sammysosa, I’m giving my money to @thesadmichaeljordan.

Hope all is well.”

Another, written in the name of @jasonbaker, says, “Thank you @traviscoll for making this post.

I’ve already donated $10,000 and am grateful for all you do to fight this horrible disease.

Please help spread the word.

Thank you!”

In the days following Sosa and Scott’s announcement of his diagnosis, fans have been flooded with messages of support.

One fan, @TravisScottCream, wrote on Instagram: “Thanks Travis Scott, for your hard work and dedication to fight skin cancer.

You are doing it for the betterment of people like me, and the millions of people around the world who suffer from skin cancer.”

But others have taken issue with the situation, with many fans posting their own messages of sympathy and support. 

Travis Scott has not commented on his situation, but fans are still waiting to hear more. 

@travis_scott Cream wrote on Twitter: “@travisscott thank you for the outpouring of support and prayers and thanks for the time and energy you have put into my fight against cancer.

It’s been a difficult battle.

#keepgoing” @troye_houston wrote on his personal Instagram account, adding: “You have been through a lot and your message is so much appreciated. #staywoke”

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