I can’t imagine a dog licking the skin of an itchier dog.

But if you do find one licking a dog’s face, the problem may be that it’s a “natural” phenomenon.

The itching may have been triggered by a skin reaction from a previously infected person.

If it was the result of something that happened during the course of an infection, you might have a little itch.

If the itching has been caused by something that was in contact with your dog, you may be able to control the itching by treating the affected area with a skin cream.

But you’d have to make sure you’re not exposing your dog to something that might cause the skin reaction.

That’s because the skin reacts to bacteria, which can make things worse.

“It’s not a harmless itch,” said Dr. Andrew Dyer, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

“But the itching is a sign of something going wrong with your immune system.”

The problem that causes it can also cause skin reactions that can be more serious, Dr. Dyer said.

You might get a red rash and the skin can get irritated.

The red rash might be caused by a bacteria called Clostridium difficile, which you probably have on your hands and feet.

But it could also be caused when you get a wound infection.

“We think that a lot of this may be related to the bacteria that are in your mouth,” Dr. David Haggerty, a doctor of dermatology at Mount San Antonio Health System in San Antonio, Texas, told Newsweek.

The most common skin reaction that causes itching is called contact dermatitis, where a person bites or scratches their own skin and the scratch causes an itch on their skin.

That reaction occurs when the bacteria cause red, itchy spots on the skin.

Other types of itching include: “Tender, red, and swollen skin,” which is caused by an infection.

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