How to stop toasted and skin moles in 2 days?

The Mayo Clinic recommends toasted mole treatment with topical ointment and cream for 2 weeks to treat the skin condition, which can result in a condition known as toasted moles. 

How to Stop Toasted Skin and Skin Moles in Two Weeks article The Mayo Clinics official statement on toasted-mole symptoms and treatment is below.

Toasted mole is an inflammatory condition caused by an abnormal buildup of sebum in the skin.

It can be treated with topical steroid creams or ointments containing vitamin E. It is very rare, and usually treated with a topical steroid cream or oat lotion.

However, it is possible to treat it with ointMENTS or oatmeal creams, or with topical creams and ointMENT.

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