WASHINGTON — A new Minecraft-themed clothing line is gaining steam as kids and teens play with it in their bedrooms.

The clothing line, dubbed Minecraft Girl, is a collaboration between clothing company Peach Skin and the gaming company Minecraft.

The company is hoping to capture the imaginations of kids who don’t know what Minecraft is, said Erin DeLong, vice president of marketing for Peach Skin.

The line will be available to girls and boys in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, and will have “a lot of fun with Minecraft,” DeLong said.

Minecraft Girl is an effort to capture a growing interest in gaming.

Girls ages 10 to 13 play the game, DeLong added.

Minecraft Girl’s concept was inspired by a recent Kickstarter campaign that raised over $50,000 to build the clothing line.

The line will include Peach Skin’s latest line of clothing: “Potato Skin,” a range of skins with a peach skin tone that includes jeans, dresses, and a pair of boots, according to the company.

There will also be a Minecraft Girl shirt, a pair, and an accessory.

“You could be a girl in Minecraft,” said DeLong.

Minecraft Girls will include three styles of shirts: Peach Skin Peach Skin, Peach Skin Red, and Peach Skin Blue.

“They are all peach, which is a cool color,” DeBiglow said.

“If you wear Peach Skin you are just like a princess in Minecraft.”

Minecraft Girls’ range of clothing will have a variety of colors and styles, including a selection of dresses, boots, shoes, skirts, shorts and tops.

“I think it’s going to be fun,” said Megan Pappas, a seventh-grader at Pahrump High School in Nevada.

The Minecraft Girl clothing line will cost $80 for one shirt, $40 for a pair and $20 for a set. “

I think Minecraft girls are cool, and I like to see them wearing Peach Skin,” she said.

The Minecraft Girl clothing line will cost $80 for one shirt, $40 for a pair and $20 for a set.

The Minecraft Girl app for iOS and Android is available for $9.99.

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