You’re likely aware that there are some skin diseases that affect the skin, but are you aware that you’re at risk for a few more?

We talked to a few skin diseases expert experts to get their tips on how to treat your skin and prevent new ones from forming.1.

Cold exposure, sunburn, and allergies to skin oil: If you have been exposed to high temperatures or are prone to sunburn or a rash, this is an area that you should consider getting tested for.

A simple test that detects both high and low levels of ultraviolet light, like the UVA-17, can help you decide whether you need to take action to protect your skin.

The UVA17 test, which is typically used to screen for sunburn in adults, can detect a variety of skin conditions, including a rare skin disorder called vitiligo.

It’s recommended that you get a skin test in advance of a flare-up of symptoms that are caused by an underlying condition, like vitiligid dermatitis, to determine if your rash is related to a sunburn.

You can also check your skin’s condition at any time to make sure that it’s healthy and stable.2.

A yeast infection: In the same vein as cold exposure, skin infections caused by a yeast infection are a serious condition.

Yeast is an organism that can cause a range of symptoms in some people.

These include: a rash caused by yeast infections (called erythema nodosum) that can go on for days or weeks after a flareup of the infection

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