If you’re having trouble keeping your laptop or tablet skin from breaking down and melting down, here are a few tips.


Wash your skin thoroughly after each use.

Some products may require that you wash your skin several times before you’re ready to use them.

Wash thoroughly before each use of any skin-removal or anti-bacterial products, and then thoroughly rinse after each application.

This will help to prevent the surface of the skin from absorbing any oils that may be trapped by the product.


If you have a cracked or scratched skin, take care not to leave it on the skin overnight.

When you remove your skin from the skin-safe, skin-friendly product, it will absorb any oils or dirt that might be trapped in the product and prevent any further damage.


Avoid touching your skin or eyes during a long-term, non-skin-care use.

It is also recommended to avoid rubbing your skin with a hot towel or other non-invasive means of contact during long-duration, non.

contact activities.


Avoid applying sunscreen or a product containing vitamin E to your skin.

If your skin is damaged due to a sunburn, irritation, or other medical condition, you may not need to apply sunscreen or any product containing Vitamin E. 5.

Avoid use of a product that has a chemical component.

Some cosmetics contain chemicals that may irritate the skin, causing it to break down or even melt.

Avoid these products.


Use a gentle, nonabrasive cleanser or lotion.

You can apply a non-abrasively cleansing and toning product that removes the products skin cells and impurities.


Avoid using a product with alcohol or alcohol-containing fragrances.

Alcohol is known to irritate skin.


Avoid contact lenses.

These can cause temporary, even permanent damage to the cornea.


Use products with a fragrance or scented fragrance that you find irritating.

Use fragrance products that have a scent that will not irritate sensitive skin.


Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

It can be very uncomfortable to wear contacts and jewelry that have UV protection and may cause temporary sunburns or sunburn-like conditions.

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