The Fortnites have been updated with new skins, new gear, and new items.

Players will be able to earn skins through daily achievements and from trading in their own skins.

Fortnite’s new skins have a unique theme that will be reflected in the upcoming update.

They’re designed to bring the Fortnited community together in the face of adversity, and will include new gear from all four of the original characters.

There’s also new customization options to help players feel like they’re part of the team.

The Fortnits also have a new avatar.

It’s a new character that you can use for missions and in-game chat.

The avatar will have a different look, and you’ll get to wear a new uniform.

The new avatar is set to arrive later this year.

The skins for each of the four original characters will be unlocked after they’ve been earned.

The four new characters will also unlock a new skins for players to earn.

The team has also announced a new mission mode called ‘Fortnites Vs. the Jungle’ for the Fortnight update.

The Fortnight mode will allow players to play as the Fortns, Fortnities, and Fortnitions as a team against the Jungle’s toughest enemies.

In the FortNight mode, Fortner and Fortnum will have to fight for the top spot in the FortNite leaderboards.

There will also be a brand new level cap, with the Fortner’s highest-level mission to date.

The update is scheduled for release on September 20.

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