The rash caused by fungal or skin infection can be treated with antibiotics and the most effective way to treat it is to wash it off with water.

If the infection has gone untreated, your dog could experience fur rash, which could be painful and irritating, said Dr. David Knepper, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Washing your dog with a hot water rinse is usually enough to get rid of the infection, but you’ll need to wait a few days before washing the area again.

To prevent further problems, wash your dog’s fur with soap and water or leave it in the sun for an hour or two.

The warmer the temperature, the less likely the virus is to return, Kneppers said.

If your dog does become infected, take the temperature of the area before washing, but don’t touch the area directly with your hand or the dog’s face.

You can also use a mild soap to help remove the fur.

If you do use a soap, it should be diluted with water before you start, and if the soap doesn’t work, try using a mild detergent or a mild bleach solution.

Fungal Skin InfectionFungus can grow on the skin, causing it to become red, peeling, and itching.

Some people may get a rash on their fur or on the tips of their nails.

You can treat this by washing the affected area with water and rubbing the area dry with a cotton pad or towel.

Once it has dried, a biopsy is often required to find the virus.

An infection can also occur on the inside of the mouth, but the most common type of infection is from the dog itself.

If a dog is infected by fangrove, it will have a fungus on its tongue that can cause a painful bite.

Your veterinarian can help determine which kind of fangroid you have and can perform a biopsied sample to test for the virus and make sure you’re not infected.

If your dog is having fur rash or itching on the face, it could be a reaction to the fungus or bacteria, Knerf said.

If you notice a fever, it can be a sign of a bacterial infection, Knetter said.

A dog that has a rash will also likely have a dry mouth and nose, which is often a sign the dog is a carrier of the virus, Kneyer said.

Fungi can also grow on your dog when it’s too hot.

The fur on the outside of the body may start to turn red, and your dog may begin to cough, sneeze, and choke.

Fungal infections can be very contagious, so treat your dog in the same way you would treat any other pet.

If fungi on the fur on your pet is infected, your veterinarian can prescribe a topical steroid to help control the infection.

It will help the infection spread.

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