A man in the United States is being praised for having a new way of enjoying sex with a woman.

The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is said to have enjoyed having sex with women for the first time with a vibrator he purchased online.

It is not known if the man has a partner.

The product was first spotted on a dating site.

The man told The Irish Sun that his new partner had been using the vibrator to masturbate herself.

“She was actually very hot.

I mean, she was so hot,” the man said.

“The vibrator was really hot.”

He said he could also masturbate to her breasts and legs.

“I can actually pull it out and put it down on her, pull her hair and stuff, because I don’t want her to be able to feel my cock in there,” he said.

“I’m trying to get as much as I can.”

The man has posted pictures of himself and his new girlfriend to a dating website and described how he was having “an amazing time” with his new female partner.

He added that he could still masturbate if she wanted.

“She’s not getting it but it’s going very well,” he wrote.

“She can actually feel my penis in there.

I’m trying as much [as] I can and just being on top of her.”

The woman’s friend was also inspired by the man, and took the vibrators to a local sex shop to buy them.

“[It was] the best experience I have had with a sex toy,” she told The Sun.

“It was amazing.”

“The vibrators are like a sex machine.

You’re using them to have sex and they’re really good.”

The vibrating devices, which can range from the small to the large, are not new to Ireland.

In 2014, a man in a hotel in Dublin received a call from a woman who had been having sex at a hotel.

The man then tried to find a hotel near where she was staying, and the woman called police.

The woman was later charged with public indecency and sentenced to 18 months in jail.

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