Urban skin rX is a skin fungus that grows in people’s skin.

The fungus is also known as “fungus skin,” and the symptoms are similar to a skin rash or cut.

But unlike the rash or the cut, the fungus does not show up in a lab.

Urban skin is usually found in the nose and mouth.

It causes a condition known as dermatitis, and it can lead to an infection.

People with urban skin are at higher risk of contracting the skin fungus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists Urban skin as one of the four most serious skin diseases.

But there’s no way to prove Urban skin has caused your rash.

The fungus is spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or by inhalation, or through direct contact with the skin.

It can be passed on by sharing contaminated surfaces.

There are two strains of Urban skin, and both are more likely to be passed from mother to child.

The first strain of Urban Skin causes more symptoms than the second.

The CDC says there are about 500 cases of Urban Sores in the United States each year.

The second strain of urban skin, called RX, causes less symptoms.

It’s also more likely not to cause the severe symptoms of urban infection.

RX is spread from person to person through direct or indirect contact, like sharing a glass of water.

The condition affects children, teens, adults and people who live in certain neighborhoods.

RX symptoms include dry, flaky skin and red, peeling skin.

Rxs are contagious, but it’s usually mild.

People who are sick can spread the disease by sharing a bed, sharing clothes or a blanket, and sharing a toilet.

In some cases, Urban Sore can be caused by a virus.

However, Urban Skin is usually caused by fungus skin.

And while a person can contract Rx, most people don’t.

There are other reasons why people with urban-skin rx can have a rash.

For example, Urban skin can cause the skin to become red, flakier or dry.

People also can develop the condition after a period of prolonged contact with a contaminated surface.

There is no cure for urban skin rxt.

There’s no treatment, and treatment depends on whether the person has other conditions that cause the rash.

And there’s also no cure.

While you’re out and about, take the time to check your skin for signs of Urban-Skin rx.

A rash or a cut may also appear on your face, or your feet, or around your eyes.

Rips may be a sign that you’ve been exposed to the fungus.

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