Apple is using Minecraft’s skins to create a brand new version of its game for Mac and iOS devices.

In an article posted Thursday, Apple confirmed that the company had been working on its own Minecraft skin for some time, and that it was looking to launch it soon.

The skin will be available for download in the Mac App Store, and is expected to launch next year.

“Minecraft skins are really cool,” said Mark Hachman, Apple’s vice president of product management, in the article.

“They are really easy to make and the quality of the materials used in the creation of these skins is really great.

We’re excited to finally get these into the hands of Mac users.”

Apple already uses its own Mac skins for its Mac OS X operating system.

Minecraft has been used on Macs for years, and Apple’s skin is part of that history.

However, the Minecraft skins have always been designed specifically for the operating system, with very specific textures, colors, and shapes.

The new skin will use the same Minecraft textures, but it will also use the more modern Apple-designed materials and features, such as new hardware-accelerated rendering and fullscreen.

The new Minecraft skin will likely have the same appearance as the one released last year for iOS, which featured a new UI and redesigned game engine.

This year’s skin also has the same interface and layout as the previous one, but its appearance is completely different, with a cleaner and less cluttered design.

Apple said in an earlier release that the new Minecraft skins would be available on both iOS and Macs, and said that it hoped that they would help users find new ways to experience Minecraft.

“The new versions of the Minecraft games are going to be completely new experiences for Minecraft users and we’re going to have them for everyone,” said Hachmann.

“We’re excited about this and we’ll share more details soon.”

Apple previously used its own skin for the iOS version of Minecraft called “Asteroids.”

The new Minecraft version is similar to the Minecraft skin, and it will feature a new interface and more features, including an updated graphics engine, as well as improved performance.

Apple also revealed in a previous release that it plans to release Minecraft for the iPhone and iPad in the second half of 2017, and the first version of the game will launch on the devices in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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