A lot of people have the mistaken belief that they have a light skin.

They say they’re light skinned because they’re tan or because they have pigmentation.

However, light skin is not the same as light pigmentation, says Dr. Daniel Fenton, a dermatologist and cosmetic dermatologist in Dallas.

“When you think of pigmentation you think it’s just pigments that are not as pigmented as the darker pigments,” he says.

“Pigmentation is the lightest of all pigments.

So light skin isn’t just pigment that doesn’t get as pigmentation as the darkest pigment.”

Dr. Fenton says that you can tell if someone is light skin because their skin tone can be different from a person’s pigmentation if their skin is noticeably lighter.

In other words, light pigmented people have darker pigmentation on their skin.

If you’re a light-skinned person who’s darker skinned than someone who’s light-colored, it might not be apparent that they’re darker.

But it’s not all dark pigmentation: people with light skin tend to have lighter pigmentation in the middle of their skin, and lighter skinned people have lighter skin in the inner layers of their body.

“So you can have lighter pigment and lighter pigment but not necessarily the same pigment,” says Dr Fenton.

So you could have a lighter complexion than someone with lighter skin.

“But the same thing could be true for a lighter-skinned Caucasian person,” he adds.

Light skin is a combination of a person having lighter pigments on their body and having lighter skin around their eyes and nose.

Light-skinned people also have lighter, softer skin around the eyes, nose, lips and hair, but those areas are not all pigmented.

So even if someone has a lighter skin tone, it’s possible their lighter skin is due to a combination, rather than a single cause, Dr. Mark W. Anderson, a professor of cosmetic surgery and dermatology at the University of Southern California, says.

This article originally appeared on TechRadars, a site covering the latest trends and technology in health, wellness and technology.

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