Skin color can tell us so much about a baby, whether he or she’s born with fair skin or dark skin, or even whether they are wearing makeup.

A baby’s colour depends on the amount of melanin (the pigment that gives skin its pigmentation) in its skin.

When we see the amount melanin in a baby they’re most likely to be white or dark.

A newborn baby is about 2.5 per cent white or lighter.

But even though their skin is white, babies born with dark skin are at higher risk of developing darker skin, and their skin will continue to develop throughout their lives.

There’s no simple way to tell what colour a baby has and how old they are, but it’s always good to know that a baby is usually of a certain skin colour.

The first thing to know is how the baby’s body absorbs light.

If a baby starts out white or light-coloured, it’s likely that they have a fair amount of skin pigmentation, or that their skin colour is fairly evenly distributed across their skin.

A darker baby, on the other hand, might have some of the most pronounced skin pigments and could have a higher proportion of darker skin pigment.

This means that they may have darker skin than their siblings, who may have a slightly lighter skin colour than their own parents.

The darker skin of a baby will also show up on their tummies, which can indicate how much melanin they have.

And there’s no such thing as a “perfect” skin tone.

The more your baby has dark skin the darker their skin becomes.

As a result, a baby with darker skin might be at a higher risk for developing skin cancer later in life.

However, it might be a sign that their body is absorbing more melanin, so the risk is much less if they have light skin, especially if their skin tone is fairly light.

When you find out which skin colour your baby is, the next step is to ask them questions to see if they’ve got dark skin.

You can use a baby eye test to see whether your baby’s eye colour matches up with their skin color.

You may be surprised at how often your baby will give you a “yes” or “no” answer.

It’s important to remember that your baby won’t always give a “no”, but it may still be an indication that they are of a darker skin tone, even if they haven’t yet reached their “adult” skin colour yet.

Some babies can’t tell the difference between dark and light skin.

This can happen because they’ve never had any exposure to the sun, or because they’re babies, or both.

The skin piggyback effect is an area of science that looks at the influence of skin colour on skin pigmented tissues in babies.

As they grow older, they’ll eventually start to produce more melanins.

But the effect is more pronounced in infants whose skin has been naturally dark since birth.

If you find that your child has a lighter skin tone than their parents, then they may be of fair skin, but they have darker pigmented skin.

They’ll need to learn to tell the differences between fair and dark skin in order to make the best choices for their future skin.

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