Why are the dogs suffering skin infections?

Sammy Sosa’s new skin, named ‘Sammy’ will have you scratching your head.

The popular rapper, who is currently in rehab after battling skin cancer, has revealed his skin condition has become a “ticking time bomb” for the dog.

The 33-year-old rapper’s mother was diagnosed with skin cancer and her son is battling the same issue, according to TMZ.

Sammy’s new dog is named ‘Pep’ and is due to be on sale in February.

Sammy is currently rehabilitating in a rehab facility in Los Angeles after spending six months in jail following an alleged drug deal in Australia.

He told TMZ the skin condition had been bothering him since he was 12, and he had been “on and off” since then.

“I’ve been getting sick, I’ve been in the hospital,” he said.

“The first day I woke up, my mom came into the room and said I had skin cancer.”

It was something she had been seeing for the last six months.

“He said it was “a horrible time” but that he would continue to live a healthy lifestyle.”

A lot of people are just afraid to touch their skin.

It’s so dirty, it’s so disgusting, it needs to be cleaned,” he told TMZ.”

We have to keep living life like it is.

It is what it is.

“Sammy told TMZ he had never been “so tired” as he had during the time he spent in rehab.”

There was just no way I could keep up,” he added.”

My mom had to be there and make sure I wasn’t hurting myself.

“She’s a pretty good mom, she’s pretty much my rock.”

Sammies mum also revealed that the dog was taken away from Sammys father when he was diagnosed.

“He had to take the dog away when I got the skin cancer,” she said.

“I had to tell him, ‘If you want to keep the dog, don’t give him up to the dog.'”

Sammy has not released any statement on the new skin.

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You can now listen to the full interview with Sammies on TMZ’s The Real Sammys below.

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