With the Roma fans set to have a go at their new mascot this weekend, a new study has found the Roma’s fans have a preference for the dark skinned boy.

According to the research, the majority of the Roma fan base is comprised of Roma’s supporters from both sides of the city.

In fact, the fans’ preferences for the crepeys mascot are the first to be confirmed by the researchers.

The new mascot was created to symbolise the club’s identity and the players’ abilities to represent the city and its people, said Mario Mancini, head of research at the sports management institute.

He added that the mascot was chosen because of his resemblance to the Roma star, Emile Heskey.

Roma’s owners were also keen to create a mascot for the fans, but they decided to go with the dark-skinned one.

The crepe-skinned mascot was initially designed to symbolize the club, but it has since become a symbol of the club itself.

Roma has also released a video, in which the club says it is proud of the creation of the mascot.

Roma fans have already started using the mascot to decorate their home, with some even wearing it on their way to the stadium.

The Roma fans’ new mascot will be the second crepe skin mascot to join the club.

Last season, FC Krasnodar’s new crepeskin mascot, who is known as “Sasha” in Russian, was unveiled at the club and made an immediate impact on the team.

The club’s new CrepeSkin mascot, meanwhile, will make his debut against Inter Milan on Saturday.

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