Hillary Clinton called black people the new “brown people,” saying that “black people are the new people, and they’re going to be the new color.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the former Democratic presidential candidate said, “Black people are so diverse.

They’re just amazing people.

Black people are just amazing.”

Clinton also said that “Black lives matter,” and that “every single one of them.”

“Black folks are the most resilient people,” she said.

“We’re the most educated people, we’re the best at math and science.

We have a strong work ethic.

Black lives matter.”

“And if we don’t have that energy, they’re just going to take their time, and then they’re not going to have the energy to do anything.

That’s just the way it is,” she added.

“So I think that, in many ways, they are the future.”

She continued, “You know, they can’t be complacent.

And they’re the new generation.

And, in some ways, that’s a very positive thing.

They’ve got their own ideas about what they want.

And that’s what I think is very exciting.

And I think what they’re all looking forward to is seeing how they are treated by the police.”

Clinton’s comments came after police officers were caught on video violently assaulting a Black man in Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

The officer was fired, but the officer who was in the car with him is still on the force.

Trump has called the officer a “professional” and “professional killer.”

Clinton, however, defended the officer.

“I have no doubt that this is an officer who, as the New York Times reported, was placed on leave and that he has not been suspended.

That he has been receiving training and that his department is going to stand by him,” Clinton said.

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