As you can see, Microsoft has not provided any official guidance on how to protect your Xbox one.

However, I have seen this same advice on a number of different forums.

First, use a product that will protect you from the virus and prevent it from spreading.

Second, use your own personal antivirus and apply the product to your Xbox before going to sleep.

Third, take precautions before leaving your home and going out.

This is because it is possible for the virus to get into the devices that you use to play games, which could lead to a false positive report.

Fourth, keep an eye out for any new reports that you get and take action.

Finally, when you go to bed, apply the new antivirus that Microsoft has made available.

There are some things you can do to help keep your Xbox and your family safe.

Microsoft is making the Xbox One a safer device for your family.

For example, if you use the console for work, you should be using it in your home to help your family stay safe.

If you have children under the age of 6 and your parents are not home, they should be wearing masks or gloves when they go to sleep, and you should also use a mask or glove to protect yourself from the transmission of the virus.

The Xbox One is also a safer gaming device because it has a built-in cooling system that can help prevent overheating.

You can use your console to play online games that are compatible with the console.

If your console is plugged into the internet and you are not using a VPN to connect it to the internet, you can also use the internet to connect to the Xbox.

This will help reduce your risk of getting infected and keeping your family protected.

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