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as of March 1, 2016.

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What to expect from Island tan?


You enter the "No Judgement Zone" when you receive an airbrush sunless tan .  We have a professional airbrush studio designed for the custom needs of airbrushing and the comfort of our clients. We can assure you that you will feel at ease with our process and will love your flawless tan.  Our airbrush technicians require specialized training and are Norvell Master Certified.  Schedule your airbrush Today.  You're gonna love it!


airbrush sunless tanning 


things to avoid 

DO NOT rub your face or other body parts, apply moisturizer, makeup or other skin products until 4-6 hours after your session

DO NOT sit on light colored seats until you have had you first shower 

DO NOT take long hot baths, soak in the pool, salt water, or hot tub

DO NOT sweat or get wet until you tan have developed 4-6 hours

DO NOT use lotions with Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Mineral Oil/Baby Oil

DO NOT be alarmed if you see color washing off during your first shower - that is only the cosmetic portion of the tan

prepare for your airbrush sunless tan


Island Tan wants you to have the best possible spray tan experience.

 Part of the experience is to ensure that your tan last as long as possible.

Following a few simple guidelines will help preserve your tan and

keep you looking bronzed and beautiful.

1.  Exfoliate and Shave/Wax 24 hours prior to your Airbrush Session.

2.  The day of your Airbrush Session do not use any moisturizer, oils, deodorant, makeup, perfume,  etc.  - freshly showered is best.

3.  Schedule a time when you can avoid water and sweat for a period of 4-6 hours.

4.  Bring loose clothing and flip-flops to wear after you tan.

5.  Relax for the next 4-6 hours while your tan is developing.

6.  Take a shower between 6 hours to the next morning.  Use a "spray tan" approved body wash using only your hand to gently wash.  

7.  Pat yourself dry after your shower - do not rub on your skin.

8.  Apply a spray tan safe moisturizer or tan extender and enjoy your beautiful glow.